Agencies and Organizations


Supported by U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC), this is a federal government website that provide various governmental resources on personal finance. Free teaching resources for teachers at different levels and parents covering topics such as budgeting, taxes, retirement benefits, investment, and military families.

FTC Federal Trade Commission

A federal consumer protection agency that covers topics such as consumer complaint, credit & loans, debt collection, Do Not Call registry, free credit reports, identity theft, internet fraud & safety, money matters, and privacy & data security.

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King

Its website contains information where you may report consumer issues.

CSREES USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES)

Federal organization aimed at improving household's health, social, environmental, and financial well-beings.

eXtension (e-Extension)

A national Extension site designed to collaborate efforts among professionals in different universities/agencies. Its site on personal finance covers hot topics including consumer credit, estate planning, health finance, and retirement planning. You may leave questions for experts to answer!

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

A national foundation wholly dedicated to improving the financial well-being of all Americans, NEFE provides financial education programs to different age groups, which include High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP), Smart About Money, Cash Course, Decumulation, and Spendster.

Federal Citizen Information Center

Consumer resources from topics that include money, health housing, food, small business, education, and education. Available in Spanish. Consumer Action Handbook plus complaint procedures are available here.

Health Information

National Network of Libraries of Medicine gathers health resources, which are presented in different languages (e.g. Spanish, Arabic, Cambodian/Khmer, Russian).

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Houses information on buying a home, avoiding foreclosure, obtaining rental assistance, finding a housing counselor, energy efficiency, and filing a fair housing discrimination complaint. Information is available in Spanish. Contact information by state is provided.

Healthy Homes

A program under HUD, this site stows information on ways to make your house a safe place to live. Information is available in Spanish.

Other Links


Various sites for coupons, discounts, free trials, etc.:, Yahoo's shopping,,,,,,,,,,,

InvestNative Project

Financial education curriculum for Native Americans. Resources available for trainers and tribal leaders.

It's My Life - Money

PBS's interactive site on money - teen-proof!

Consumer Jungle

Financial education plan towards independent living - for teachers and students.

New Mexico Kids

Contains children-related resources including topics on childcare providers, parenting, and child safety.


Cyberbully411: The definition, regulations, solutions, actions, stories, depression. etc.Online Victimization of Youth: The survey, the report. FREE K9 Web Protection Filtering Software for Parents.

Emergency Preparedness

NEFE's program focussing on financial and wealth preparation in dealing with natural disaster.

New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department

Resources here include elderly-focused consumer issues, aging protective services, other resourceful links, and Indian elder affairs.

Money As You Grow

  • Money As You Grow
    Activities and conversation starters to help your children develop money skills, habits, and attitudes that can serve them well as adults.

Retirement Planning


  • MoneyGeek
    Free financial tools, calculators, and resources to simplify choices for your money and your future
  • MakingCents
    Improve finances, manage credit and debt, buy a car, buy a home, pay for college


  • Improve Finances
    Understanding credit, budget basics, borrowing money, paying down debt.
  • Mange credit and credit cards
    How credit cards work, getting a credit card, managing credit cards, debt management, protect yourself from fraud.
  • Buying a car
    How much can I afford?, choosing your car, making the deal, securing a loan, car ownership essentials.
  • Buying a home
    Is buying right for you, the cost of home ownership, the home buying process, understanding mortgages, home ownership essentials.
  • Paying for college
    Affording college, saving for college, understanding student loans, getting a loan, graduate from debt.


  • MyMoneyCoach
    Learn how to save money and make smart financial choices.


  • TheSimpleDollar
    Student Loan Consolidation Guide | Gives borrowers a useful resource that empowers them to choose if student loan consolidation is right for them and which type may best suit their needs.


Financial Calculators

Mortgage, loan, retirement, auto, credit cards, life insurance, savings... These are great websites to calculate almost anything about personal finances.

Money and College

  • Cash Course
    Another NEFE's personal finance course, but this one is geared towards college students. Free too!